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I was at the German Comic Con this weekend. For the first time, this huge event was in our capitol. A big thanks goes out to and the Corona Magazin, who were the reason my best friend and I were able to go there and write about it.
When the first guest announcement was made, I was already freaking out. James Marsters would be there, I mean, c’mon SPIKE!? And then we finally got the go to be a part of the Convention.

James Marsters bei der Pressekonferenz
James und Robert Englund bei der PK

The whole Con mania started for us on Friday, because there was a press conference. So, at 11 o’clock we sat in a room at the exhibition grounds and waited for the participants from the conference. Truth been told, I’ve only seen James in the very first seconds and recognized Robert Englund, Flavia Scuderi and Sascha Wustefeld later on. If you wanna know more about the conference, just take a quick look at Anna’s blog and the Corona Magazin, which will come out between middle and end of next month. (Only in German, so if you can’t read German, I am sorry)
Anyways, my fanheart was already beating fast on Friday.

The convention started on Saturday. For me, it was my first time at a Convention like this. I only were on a few Manga ones with my ex-boyfriend, but this was a whole other gauge.
I was really gobsmacked, even when I was a little bit disappointed from the Cosplayers, but that was only my first glance, it changed over the days.
I started watching The Walking Dead two months ago and for a TWD fan, there was a lot of things, which made me happy. So much things from TWD, especially since season 7 will air in a few days. But don’t spoil me, I still need to watch Season 6 as well. J
The autographline was very surprising for me, I never thought they will sit there the whole day, when they don’t have anything to do in between and be bored. You saw that very good with Tosin Cole, who sat there with earplugs and played with his phone, asked sometimes cosplayers to make a Selfie, because he enjoyed their cosplay.
Sure, there were people, like Christopher Lloyd, where the line was always full and they never had a minute to gasp some air. Same thing with Billie Piper, but tbh we didn’t really see her, only like one time.
The mainstage… it wasn’t huge. It was really small and there wasn’t enough space for everyone, so we decided not to go to the panels. First, stressful day was over and we had hopes that the next day would be better.

After relaxing a bit, the next day did come and it wasn’t that full there anymore.
We had the opportunity to ask some of the actors and guest a few questions.
Amanda Bearse will always be in my memories, not only as Marcy from “Married with Children”, but as a very kind person.
We asked her, how it is to be always connected to Marcy, since she played that role for ten years. She loves Marcy  and she loves to talk with fans about her. A fan had a book about the show and she looked through it and told some stories. She was so kind, she also stood up to make a picture for my blog with us.

Meike (ich), Amanda und Nathi

Our way went to Chad Coleman. I already said that I’m a TWD Fan? Okay, I’m gonna post the interview how it was. My best friend had helped me a lot, especially with the translations.

What was the most remarkable moment on the set from The Walking Dead?
When Tyreese enters the story, when he jumped out of his hidden spot behind the tree and killed this walker. That was for me the most remarkable one.

Did your view on the world change? Do you think that there’s a possibility that such a virus could go viral?
I think so and I think you should investigate those cases and look at them. It’s also one of the things I do love about the show, all those questions “What would you do, how far would you go? Shall I go this way or not?” and especially what they do, cleaning this places from Walkers to live there and get their people safe.

Any new projects?
(short information from the translator: I do watch Arrow, so I’m so dumb. I forgot it!)
Yes, I’m currently working on “Arrow”, I’m playing the villain. Also, I’m working on a new show called “The Expanse” (it’ll be on Netflix on November 3rd) it’s a spaceship drama.

Chad L. Coleman

Well, who doesn’t know him? SEAMUS FINNIGAN! Exactly, Devon Murray found his way to this con. I was so surprised how he’s looking now, I had this image from this little boy from Harry Potter in mind, but he is all grown up now.
I wanted to know if he has seen “Harry Potter and the cursed child”, but unfortunately, he didn’t. But he had read the book and he liked how they wrote the story and the twist within.

Devon Murraý

My fanheart was already very grown, but it wasn’t enough. We talked to Greg Grunberg and Ray Park, both from Heroes!
As you can see, I do love Heroes. This is why I wanted to talk to them and I don’t need to say, that they were kind and friendly, do I? I mean, I wouldn’t fawn over them if they weren’t nice :D
I wanted to know which superpower they would like to have. Greg thinks, he has the perfect power as Matt. Sure, he wouldn’t read everyone’s mind, like his wife’s, but he loved the role. It was so amazing in so many different ways, emotional and he wouldn’t change it. Ray, who played Edgar, joked that he already have superpowers and can read minds. But then he told us serious, becoming a father gives you enough superpowers and he loves being a father. Cute, isn’t it?
We also asked Ray, if he has some favorite shows himself. And he does love FBI shows, criminal investigations, e. g. Blindspot, but he also was a fan of the show Heroes, before he was a part of it on his own, which was always his dream which came true then.
Greg Grunberg

Ray Park

Last but not least, we went to James again, who recognized us from Friday. I had no idea that my heart could beat that fast.
Nathi wanted to know, how it was for him working with Jared and Jensen from Supernatural.
His answer: F A B O L O U S! They are unaffected by fame, they never have loosened their path, never lose their way and it’s the happiest set I’ve ever been.
Also, I wanted to tell him, that he can play Spike easily, even if he got older, because he’s still looking great and young. He laughed and said, that he likes the way I see things.
He also told us his favorite German word, which is “Liebe” and he can say “I love you” (Ich liebte dich, he said, which is a little bit wrong in German). We talked, we laughed and I got some compliments… teenage dream came finally true.

James Marsters

Overall, the Comic Con was a great event. Sure, there are some people who are complaining, but I can say that the Minions (yes, the staff was called so), weren’t really informed unfortunately. We were told, ask the staff there, e. g. mainstage, but they also didn’t know anything.
But all of them were kind and respectful, staff and guests. The only guest I didn’t really like and never will was Famke Janssen. She never really had a look on her face, that she enjoys being there, five people as bodyguards around her. You couldn’t take your phone out of your pocket without being roughly told to put it away and NO PHOTOS! I didn’t really like that.

Anyway, if there will be another one next year and they may think about a bigger place, I’d happily go there again. Own hall for the mainstage and panels, one hall only for the photoshoots and autographs, then it’ll be all sort out.

You can take a look at my facebookpage, I have uploaded some pictures, which aren’t online here. Click for Album

Where you there too? How did you like it? Or are you going to be at the Dortmund Comic Con in December?

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